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Let me introduce myself

My name is Steven Phillips, I come from the United States.
I am a HobbyMagician who perform as “Phillipo”

Standup Sleight -of-Hand act, performing with
the customers.  I choose this type of performance
because it makes a lasting impression on those
present, many of whom have never seen a
Magician perform right before their eyes.
A unique show combining Magic with Balloons,
often followed by a personalized balloon for each
child.  The show varies in length and content
depending on the ages of audience members.

I now have specialised in balloonfigures of all
different kinds:  I build almost everything out of
balloons, starting with small figures like little
dogs, dinos or mice up to life-sized figures
for example Donald Duck or Asterix to
girlands or arcades for room decoration.

I orginally came to this business by entertaining
my children and their friends at their birthday-
parties.  First I just played games with them,
later to be followed by more and more advanced
sleight-of-hand magic tricks and finally by
forming animals out of balloons.

I became quite popular among my
circle of acquaintances and decided to make a
profession out of my hobby.

I undertook various courses to enhance and improve
my skills and now I would like too offer them to you.


09872 - 9563774                                             0151 - 19319925