Balloons in all shapes, sizes and colors bring delight to the
hearts of children and grown-ups alike.

The balloon artist Phillipo make them in all variations.  Starting
with more classical smaller balloonfigures like dogs, giraffes or
flowers.  Phillipo brings famous character like Obelix, Road
Runner or even Donald Duck from his sortiment to your Party,
No - Doubt an eyecatcher!

Balloon artist Phillipo also features life - sized, Multiple balloons
made of complex figures in his assortiment, the so- called
Balloon Buddies.  Balloon Buddies are easy and uncomplicated to
build.  They need neither a omplicated arrange of base plates
and or poles or helium and are therefore perfecty suited for
children birthday party.  They are also perfectly suited as
backgrounds for memory pictures.  Among the cast of Balloon
Buddies are also Mickey and Minnie among many other.

Balloon decorations give small as well as bigger rooms a more
personal.  individual atmosphere.  Also some building defects
can be if necessary easily hidden from views from your visitors.
Aside from the balloonfigures it is also possible to use different
interior elements like Balloongarlands or Arches.

Such a decorated room can increase the fun factor of an event
regarless whether it`s a wedding, birthday or some other party
up to a simple gethering of people!  And in case you are invited
to a party.  Gifts wrapped in a balloon offer themselves as
something special that is sure to be remembered!

All this and more is offered to you by the balloon artist Phillipo!



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